Assembly order

This is a suggested assembly order. Modify it to fit your own unique life. 

Printing Options:

  • Print on statement or half-sheet paper, using double sided printing.
  • OR
  • Use a PDF reader program (not an internet browser) to print on letter-sized paper, with the “booklet” option on the printer menu.
  • Print full sheet pages for these pages instead: Week, Alternative Week,  Month

There are five weekly pages per month in the combined month section. Because their are not five complete weeks in a month, one week will need to be removed for some months. On the last week of the month, check for the “end of month review” on the next page.


Daily Notepad: Print 10-20 copies and cut into thirds. Bind together with a stapler or binder ringer on top. The daily notepad is designed to be a tear-off pad. Printing off two months of daily pages at at time allows for less bulk in the planner.


Dividers: Print this file to create binder tabs. Attach tabs to card stock. Packing tap works well.


Binder: Create you own binder with laminated card stock and binder rings. Punch hole on top of cover and use an additional binder ring for daily sheets.


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