Creating a Holistic Program

Holistic is defined as, “Relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts.” (Definitions from here.) I don’t view holism as engaging in non-typical practices like herbalism, yoga, and vegan diets. Rather, holism can include science, religion, and about any time of lifestyle: the key is that we live as a united whole, both individually and in groups. Living a holistic lifestyle brings joy and increased satisfaction and purpose.

Holistic living is focusing on all aspects of our health including spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental. It is having good relationships with God, ourself, our family and community. It is removing the chaos from our lives, and having vision and purpose, and know where we stand. It is going forward with that purpose, by planning, to remove junk, improve and maintain our lives. It is pushing forward with creativity, finding connection and sharing with other.

We often tend to think of our careers and home life and personal life as separate entities that often compete with one another. Much of the world is striving to find “balance” between these competing forces. But I believe that careers, home life, and personal life can instead work together as one singular whole. Family, career, and self-care are all needed and are not competing with each other, but should interlock together.

I went through a period of time of emotional distress. My life became lopsided as a mother of young children. I knew my role as a full-time mother was important, but I was unable to maintain the emotional health necessary to do that role. I began to focus on more than just my children and involving my children in more than just me. I started gardening, volunteering, exercising, decorating, creating friendships and writing. I started to be healthier emotionally, and my children were also able to gain more beneficial experiences.

This program represents how I was able to refocus my life. It’s still a work in progress, so input is appreciated!

PDF Version












A Pattern for Living









Worksheets: singular,  plural, object

Planning Ideas

Final Notes/Resources


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