How I Use my Planner


Life Notes

In the life notes section,  I have six sections: family, spirit, health, home, mind, and career. I’ve filled out the four basic sheets in each section.

I’ll use my home sections as an example. In my home section I have a vision page of my house. I’ve listed the design style I want in my house and included a pallet of colors. I also include some words that I want to describe my home: tidy, welcoming, full of family, simple.

My next page is my goal. My current goal is to finish the small remodel we started on the house within a year. I’ve broken down the goal into smaller segments in the action steps.

On the next page, I’ve listed my chores that I need to do on a regular bases, like mopping floors, laundry, etc. I divide the chores based on the intervals I need to do them.

My idea page is filled with projects that need to happen in the future, like replacing windows, sewing new curtains, upgrading the electrical in places and tidying.

Behind the four basic sheets I’ve added a landscape design and a tidying guide.


At the beginning of the year, I list my yearly resolutions, and draw a mind map for the next year. I list all the goals I want to do for the next year, most of which are taken from the life notes section of my binder.

Sundays are my planning day. On the first Sunday of the month, I collect my goals for the month and break them into action steps. I also lists the tasks and events I want to do that month.

Each Sunday I will plan out my week using the weekly planning sheet. First I list my goals. I usually write in a scripture in the blank box. I’ll write down my actions steps I need to do, list out my to-dos. In the bottom table I write my chores, projects to do with the kids, and give myself a place to check off repeating tasks like exercise and meditation. Finally, my meal planner goes on the bottom.

Every morning, I use my daily sheet to plan out the day. First I write in my schedule from my phone. I then use my weekly planning sheet to flesh out the rest of the day.

The last part of the planner are the review days. At the end of the month and year, I write the goals I’ve met, the tasks I’ve accomplished, and the lessons I’ve learned.

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